Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to install a pump?

Pumps with motors cost from R8,000 A complete installation might start at R20,000

Can you help us with an irrigation system?

Yes we can.

I heard we have too much iron in our water?

Elevated iron levels are quite common in some parts and doesn't put people off from using borehole water. We can test your water. If it turns out to be a problem then the solution is to install a reservoir tank with an aerator to oxidise the iron so that it can be scooped out periodically. The borehole fills the tank and the garden irrigation system works from the tank.

Will my neighbours be jealous?

They should be :-), but boreholes are really quite common. Grow some vegies and be generous. You might have very appreciative neighbours if we ever get to water shedding...

How long does it take to clean up afterwards?

We try to clean up as much as possible and also have links to landscapers. Drilling boreholes are messy, but a little bit of mud will be long forgotten once you are enjoying your luscious green garden.

Do I need to have an environmental survey done?

You do not need to have a survey done for single family urban/domestic use. High volume industrial or agricultural users should look into the legalities

Do I have to register my borehole?

City of Cape Town and other areas now operates a registration scheme and other municipalities are looking at it. It might save you from suspicious officials lurking in your bushes. The other great advantage is that it registers your existing use rights.

What about a sign?

You have to erect a sign under current water restrictions. Some municipalities provides you with an official sign when registering. We will help with one in the mean time.