30 years combined drilling experience

While working towards thirty years combined drilling experience Borehole specialists H2Up came together to offer people the means to find longer lasting solutions to combat the country’s regular water restrictions.

Various parts of the country are experiencing droughts or reliability issues in water supply, more people are turning to responsible ways of tapping into the large sources of water freely available underground.

Flexible equipment that can fit into tight spaces and able to drill up to 200m

We invested in flexible equipment that can fit into tight spaces, under  low structures and even go over walls while still having the ability to drill anything from 5m to 200m deep in a wide variety of structures. 

Cost effective and reliable

Having collectively installed hundreds of pump and tank systems our team favours tried and tested simple cost effective and reliable installations.

From the first consultation to the first glass of chemically-free water, we focus exclusively on our customers’ needs and shape our approach to save time and money, and limiting inconvenience to all involved.